I want to buy Unreal Engine

Hi Yusufyoruk,

This is most certainly possible ^.=.^ You can install the engine on as many computers as you own, as long as you are the only person with access to the engine. The EULA covers use of the engine for one person per license on as many devices as that person owns.

Hey! I will buy Unreal Engine $19 for 2 months but 2 weeks later i will use my laptop. Can i use Unreal Engine in that laptop too?

I would also point out that you can stop your subscription during your first month and keep access to your Engine. Though you will not get access to a new version if that gets released and you need to subscribe again to get it.

And as well I think you need to have an active subscription to release the game. That I’m not sure of, I haven’t read the complete licensing terms

Okey, thank you Jargon! Your comment was so helpful ^^

Thank you ! Your comment helped me :slight_smile: