I want this light quality but how?

batman game make on unreal engine 4. I searhing dynamic gi but best vxgi killer gpu. lpv dfgi and other very low quality and useless.
I want to make animation on unreal engine 4, this lighting quality how make …
maybe stationary???

link is wrong. it is true link:

Well my friend, that batman cinematic isn’t rendered on a game engine to begin with. You’re not going to be able to achieve that with ue4 alone.

But for a night scene, with movable stuff… You could get away with movable lights only I suppose. Pretty much all lights are artificial (street lamps, car lights, etc) in that trailer.

I understand ue4 not enough but movable object GI how make this… this video is example not extactly this, near quality is enough.
vxgi (only vxgi) enought quality. static light and vxgi quality is similar but static light only static object
I want similar movable object quality is static object quality

Look at this tutorial:

hmmm its nice step for me… I want to vxgi quality but waiting years…
I dont understand point. this video trailer make on unreal engine??
if make on unreal engine this dynamic GI so beatiful how make…

like lightmass.ini setting changed and static light quality improving. maybe ???.ini changed movable quality improving ???

Have you seen this scene, especially near the end, the shots outside…

Epic made this project available for free, download it in the launcher and check how it’s made, what lighting setup they use, etc. Might be a good start.

wow this amazing idea… thank you so mucchhhh. I download and trying… 3mbps speed very long time but I will…