I want but i can't :(

i really like playing with Unreal Engine 4, creating something that works, it’s more fun than actually playing games.
My Problem is that there are ALOT of tutorials on youtube, problem is the most are bad explained where they only say what they do like i would be blind instead of saying what’s the use of all these nodes and so on.
I wanted to make some “movement” animations, problem is that there is a tutorial and all i see is a dude playing with some sliders “you can do this and this and this” clicking some stuff bla bla… and yeah… unreal docs are a “general info” nothing like step by step to really understand this.

Unreal Channel has some good stuff on blueprints and such. basics yea but OK to start.

But all in all expect this stuff to take A LOT of time to learn, slow and baby steps. And Do not expect to find complete tutorials anywhere, and even if you did, it will most likely work for a small part of a certain type of game vs some other.

So yea welcome to the world of game development. looong road ahead but best not to be discouraged just keep at it. And start from the basics.

Finally depends what you want to focus on, art or programming, if you choose to do both… they can be done at the same time, but chances are you wont be good enough at any because life is too short to master two enormous subjects. If you don’t know yet just experiment and find your way slowly.

Damian. It would help if you could be specific with exactly what your trying to do.
I can direct you towards the tutorial people whom haven’t wasted too much of my time, and are educational. In english. For animations thesargekyle does alot.
He is on here as MCaddict.
#1 is for Maya. Mike Hermes.
Which I use, and I am extremely productive with thanks to only watching this person.
In no specific order. I subscribe to.
Peter L Newton Peter L. Newton - YouTube
Jonas Mølgaard Jonas Mølgaard - YouTube
Virtus Learning.

You might actually work better deconstructing projects, breaking things down than watching tutorials.
There are projects in Community-Tools, the Marketplace and the Launcher and another places to help.
I used YouTube for learning UDK / Unity, but it doesn’t work as well as a learning approach in UE4 imo.

UE4 has many windows, settings, a lot is compartmentalized / there’s lots going on, fonts are small etc.
Whereas working in a real working project offers a better ‘live’ understanding of what nodes / sliders do.
You can immediately disconnect stuff and see what breaks or you can add your own nodes to debug etc.

You can’t do any of that using Video Tutorials and scrubbing YT live can be pretty slow with no download.

Where are all the examples? There was a shooter game, where is that ?

Start here:

Lots of stuff buried in here… You’ll have to to just go through it to find stuff relevant to your needs:

Some repetition here, but different presentation which might help finding things:

Epic’s Launcher / Free Marketplace pages with Infiltrator / Infinite Blade should be included above too.