I think UE4 has just killed Unity3D

So I’ve been playing around with UE4 and am wondering, why on Earth would anyone choose Unity3D over UE4 for a 3D game?
Its really a not even a contest - surely Unity market are really now just 2D mobile stuff.
I for one will be glad to see Unity relegated to the junk pile where it belongs.

I used Unity for 5 years. I never could save up enough for pro but I would not say they were killed. However I will say they were pushed into the fire.

Ease of use, iteration time, support and community really makes UE4 leaps and bounds beyond the competition

Just like this post…

Each engine is great and some have advantages over others. I loved Unity but this $20 a month and 5% is a god sent for all Indie

Unity still has its space. the Semi-serious indie developers who actually get to sell games and have unity knowledge pipeline. For those poeple, unity pro is cheaper than 5% royalty, also the thing that they already have unity knowledge so they dont have to learn UE4 from the start.
But for the tinkerer-new indies?. UE4 just dealt a killing blow to unity.