I sent a request on the UNREAL DEV GRANTS but received no response.

Good afternoon. I did a search on UNREAL DEV GRANTS. But two days later I never received a response. After a time the answer comes and what to do if the answer is no?

You and a bazillion people didn’t get any answer.

I’m not sure if they give a response if they decide not to give you a grant, but you’d definitely have to wait more than 2 days to find out anyways

Well then, I’ll wait another 1-2 days. If the answer is no, then maybe resend the request?

It’s going to be longer than that, they announce new dev grants every month or so so it would be a while before you found out. Don’t submit again unless you have something new to show.

Epic receives a huge number of grant requests, and unfortunately cannot possibly give feedback on every request they receive, so they decide not to give any feedback at all.

Just because you don’t get selected with the next bunch of winners, doesn’t mean you aren’t still being considered or in the running for the next bunch of winners. Only resubmit if there’s a lot more to show.

I now throw off the link to my project. Tell me what you think, what are the chances that they will give money?
That’s almost the release version in Unity3d (of course in the video my voice is not the best and I speak the native language, but the main point of the game):
And this is what I managed to remake it in Unreal Engine 4 (also almost finished the first map for the game, but the video of her I have not yet posted): GameStrategy (Unreal Engine 4) - YouTube
Well, if my project does not pull on the grant, then for what price you can sell the finished project on the market?

I apologize about the project in Unity3d I threw the wrong link, here are the actual links:

Just looking at your clip, I think it was too early stage. Keep going and create a prototype.

If it is for marketing, you need to research in Epic marketplace and why will your stand out than rest of your rival?

If it is game project, keep going! Maybe a demo or whole prototype game without art or audio. Let them play your game in naked project ( mean no nice model, no animation or cool art / no sound or special effect other than use default set can be found in unreal engine like mannequin! )

It can be done.

are you talking about dev grant or to sell your art on the marketplace?

I certainly would like to grant. And I ask my project can get a grant (in your opinion). But if my project not receives a grant, I would like to know at what price i can sell my project.

Also I apologize if something is unclear, I’m bad know English.

if I am compare your with this,
This one look a lot better than your, at the point which you show us from youtube.

if you want to best turn based toolkit, add more feature what Advanced turn based tile toolkit don’t have.
If you want sell it right now, the price should be lower, way lower than Advanced turn based tile toolkit price.

side note ; there are turn based tutorial include in UE4…

I dont really know what Epic is looking at when giving a grant, but to me, it should be something unique, innovative which may not be done yet by Epic or anyone else. Or games (or the progress of it) where Epic is proud to have…

This is not the release version. I was planning to add multiplayer and voice control of the game. What I have shown around 20% of the work done.