I seem to have forgeten everything

so i am trying to make a 2d game and i went throught the getting started in paper 2d viedos and got all that working but now I am using my own assets and stuff i seem to have forgoten everythin.g is this normal or am i being stupid? Should i use the 2D sides scrolling blueprint as a base and rip everyting and replace it with my own stuff i am at a loose end should i redo the tutorial? I really need some help here.

I recommend you watch the tutorial again, Then if you’re still stuck, Going back and ripping apart the template to see how it works. After that, If you still don’t remember, I recommend checking out some other tutorials until it all sinks in.

I wish you the best of luck!

My advice with tutorials is to watch them once, do them once with the video, and then do them without the video. Each time, you may have issues and need to review parts of the video to refresh your memory. New skills are hard to learn, so don’t let this get you down. Once you’ve done it with and without a constant walkthrough, it should be much easier to remember.

Do it like this:


But obviously not exactly the same :wink:

Watch it, Say the steps out aloud, Stop the video, Do it in the engine and then check your work :slight_smile:

I personally do it like that -> create your own stuff beside the tutorial, because then you will have to stop the video/jump back to a special time in the video -> then you will keep everythining in mind :slight_smile:

You are quite normal, don’t worry. Unless you are exceptional you will have to do stuff often to have it available, and if its a complex, unnatural task, the game begins again if you didn’t look at it for some time.

Haha. I got lost in the tutorials. Basic stuff is very fast to learn. Like editor basics, level creation and lighting. After that things get complicated. And in order to do something i must constantly jump back and forth in tutorials. Easy to get lost and confused. :smiley:

Keep at it! You’ll get it sussed in no-time :slight_smile:

I find that stopping the video and doing the work is only the second step, as I posted above. Doing the whole tutorial without the video’s prompts is a whole other animal, and helps a lot with retaining new skills.

Aghhhh that’s happens to me ALL THE TIME. Re watching tutorials and then trying to anticipate what they are going to do before they will do it to sort of jump start your mind is the best thing you can do. Worst case you don’t know it and the tutorial will tell you! Best case you do know it and you remember!

Thing is, You’re thinking too literal. It’s seriously okay to forget a thing or two, Just when you need it, Google it, Remember it and carry on. You can keep doing this and one day you’ll realize that you’re no longer googling things. It may take days, months or years but it’s the best way to remember things. Don’t worry if you don’t remember 100% of things, Just keep trying :slight_smile:

Learning new things can be very disheartening, especially if you’ve already got a high level of skill in another area.

I’m so used to just doing things that learning a new spoken language or a new development area is rather painful. Having to constantly reference the internet to figure things out gets to me rather quickly. And I’ve heard plenty of others feel the same way.

My way of doing tutorials is designed to alleviate that feeling somewhat. If you can get some basics in your head quickly, it’s a lot less frustrating to get started on new things.

If that works better for people when they use Google constantly, go for it! There’s no wrong way to learn. But it’s important to note that not everyone can stand to use the documentation and search constantly while they learn the basics. That’s why long tutorials exist in the first place.

Like the free books on :wink: /SHAMELESSPLUG YET AGAIN!

Most important thing is not to know everything but to know how to look it up :smiley:

repetition is the key to success, especially with such a feature dense application / engine like UE4

you could also write down notes (by hand) while watching the tutorials

i don’t know why but i remember things i’ve written down a lot better than things i have just read or watched