I search for a tutor!

Aye everyone,

I’m a college student who really want to make his own video game. I’m a french canadian, but I can speak english too. I search for someone who can teach me how to use well the UE4. I want to make a FPS project, who you need to destroy some robots to make some points (simple, I guess, but I think it’s a good idea for my first video game).

Someone want to help me, please :smiley:

Sincerly yours,

or if someone want to add me in one of his project and teach me at the same time, I’m completly in :smiley:

I will restart from the beginning; do someone want me their project team, I mean, I want to learn more about UE4, but I need someone to help me and I want to have some experiences with the engine.

Thanks to take some time to read me

I would suggest starting with something small like tetris, breakout or other such simple games.
But if you want a tutorial then you should probably looki at the “ShooterGame” and “Survival game” ones.


I think it’s a good idea