I recently just had a really weird idea. What about a Facebook style social network in UE4?

It seems pretty weird but I kind of know how I would be able to setup the interface and most of the features. It would allow for things other social networking pages dont have.

Most of it could be done in blueprints too. At the very least it would be a learning experience.

All of the backend stuff would be a complete mystery to me though.

Any thoughts?

Piece of cake :smiley: I am now at a point where I am just making random things to test my abilities (Pedestrians as AI, zombies as AI, Spiderman swinging, gravity grenades, etc.). After so long if I am still not satisfied, this is going on my list lol.

What about it?

Why not just put a web browser inside a UMG object and then you are done? There is no reason you would build an entire web based social media network inside a game engine, considering it would all have to be server based anyway so you would be writing a lot of new stuff for no reason.

Gravity grenades sound cool. What do you mean by that? Like a black hole, or does it disable gravity in a certain area?

There are servers I have seen with Garry’s mod where people hang out in a movie theater and it streams stuff in the game world. Watching movies with friends and all kinds of weird stuff like that. There is room for growth in this sector I think.

Its a pretty neat concept honestly.

I’m nor sure, maybe something that messes with the gravity for all objects within it’s radius, I just want to be able to say “I made that” for a lot of things.