I really want to have a character that is dependent on its ability to balance itself and don't know how to do it

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You probably want to build this using physics bodies, rather than a skinned character skeleton.

Rig a bunch of physics body components in a “foot / calf / thigh / hips / stomach / back / neck / head / biceps / flexor / hand” setup. Link them with rotation-only joints at the appropriate places. Drive them with torques, or with spring forces from some desired target angle.

Now, you should be able to place one of these in the world, start simulating, and watch it fall over.

An alternative is to build an animation blueprint that inputs the angle of each bone as a separately parameter, and injects them all into the pose of whatever skeleton/character you’re using. Personally, I find that method less controllable/study-able, but it can render nicer / look better in video.