I played Raw Data. How to get the "screen mirror" to render like they did?

Hi Unreal people,

I just played Raw Data and was wondering how did the devs managed to get the HMD screen mirror to render in a wide format, instead of the traditional left eye only square format that UE4 gives us by default. Also, why isn’t wide the default?

I quite like the whole interface solution.
Top notch work. :slight_smile:

A Raw Data dev posted on the Vive Reddit.

I have no idea where that thing is. I think it alters the Steam VR Mirror. If this should work I’d rather use this than the Unreal one for now

I found that, but it’s not WindowMode, it’s WindorMirrorMode. I’m still trying to figure out what each value does. Again, would really like to have some answers from Epic on this. VR needs better support.

You can find it in this folder:

Isn’t it just a scaling? Don’t see DrawRectangle(…) declaration and parameters names, but IMO wejust need to increase rendering scaling here:

			ViewportWidth / 4, 0,
			ViewportWidth / 2, ViewportHeight,
			0.1f, 0.2f,
			0.3f, 0.6f,
			FIntPoint(ViewportWidth, ViewportHeight),
			FIntPoint(1, 1),