I need to find out how to to this

So i want to do a third person game,
with 3 different camera views
First Person.
Third person (left)
Third person (right)
but i want the camera switching to be smooth and not sudden
here is an example

The Video is by thewisdomcube2000

i want my camera’s to do that, but i dont know how, anybody can tell me how?

You should be able to ADD Relative Rotation from inputs. As long as you do not make the incidents too large, it should run smooth.


How do i use ‘Relative Rotation’ ?

Depends on your camera configuartion, but if you’re using a 3rd person template or something you’ll want to have perhaps an ENUM with the three camera states: first-person, third-person Left and third-person right. When the state changes, set a boolean “shouldInterpolate” to true and FInterp or timeline the camera boom’s arm length and VInterp or timeline the boom’s position in the blueprint to the desired length/vector. Do a “nearly equal” check every frame to see if it should keep enforcing the transforms, and if it is equal enough turn off “shouldInterpolate” and change your controls to better suit the new pov.