I need some Help Guys

I bought yesterday day-night cycle, I want to use it for my custom map for the game Mordhau (UE 4.20.3)

Everything works fine in the UE editor, I tested it all, it’s perfect. I just simply cook it, place the files in mordhau ( I know I did that fine for sure ) But when I start my map on mordhau it will instantly crash. I never had this before,

It is kinda weird, because i used the other blueprints from day-night cycle,(BP_MyCustomSky/BP_LightningStrike/BP_MoonLight/BP_NorthernLights)
and those work. only the main blueprint that controls the day/night/rain system. that one will break my game. (BP_DynamicWeather)

Crash Log 1 JustPaste.it - Share Text & Images the Easy Way
Crash Log 2 Added manually cooked Niagara plugin to my mordhau files without succes JustPaste.it - Share Text & Images the Easy Way

I hope you guys can help me, otherwise i must request an refund and buy another day-night cycle…

It doesn’t look like Mordhau has official mod support (in that they’ve worked with Epic to provide an SDK for Mordhau using UE4)

You’re going to have to look at the Mordhau community guides/tools and see what they say about how to make stuff for it. From the log it looks like some of the code is different in the game vs. in the UE4 editor and it’s causing problems running your map.