I need some beginner help

I have purchased a couple environment packs on Epic games and can get them into UE, but I want to open the model fully assembled. The sample Pack, or demo pack. I was able to do it once using the Western Saloon Pack so it shows up on the screen fully assembled just as it is in the pictures on Epic Games, but I can’t seem to remember how that happened, and I can’t duplicate it. I am using the early release of UE5. but I also have version 4.26. I believe it had something to do with creating a level and I did get it to pop up once, but didn’t save it, so now all that happens is all the objects line up in folders at the bottom and I can’t import the model. This is Day 1 for me with this software and I just need some instruction on loading the entire model using the “Sample Pack” which is what I’ve heard it called. My goal for now is just to be able to move around in the space and get some screen captures of what I see.

there are usually 2 maps in an asset pack one is overview and the other is demo, u should open the demo if u want all assembled.