I need help with procedurally Rotating a lizard model on a sloped surface

Dear Unreal community,

I managed to procedurally animate a lizard model by creating a set of animation sequences in Maya and then importing them to unreal and using the Animation BP and statemachines I managed to code when each animation sequence should play, based on the location of a sphere that I am moving around in the scene in real time. This project is supposed to be for VR later.

My question is, and I would be really thankful for your help, is that the animation works good on a non-sloped surface, but if I place the lizard on a sloped surface, the legs sometimes either penetrate the ground or are floating in the air. I thought of using line traces and I adjusted the root bone rotation so that it matches the slope of the ground, it fixed some of the problem but the limbs still penetrate or float. Can you please tell me how to fix this? thank you in advance.

Here is a video demo of my work in progress

Look into Foot IK. You’ll likely run a trace(s) from each foot down to the ground and pass that information to the IK node so it can smoothly adjust the bones in the feet to where the trace collides with the ground. In this manner you can adjust models so they bend their legs more/less on slopes, match to stairs and otherwise uneven surfaces.

I learned from this guy: Unreal Leg IK 1 - Foot Placement - UE4 Tutorials #125 - YouTube

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