I need help making something like Megaman X WallGrab


I need a bit of help here, a want make my character have something like Megaman X to grab the walls, I already completed the system to detects the walls using traces, but I need know how to stop the gravity in my character and fall slowly in a constant speed while he is grabbing the wall. Anyone can help me?

you can see an example of what I want in this video:

and this is my current BP (which is not working as I like ^^u)


Thanks in advance for your time :slight_smile:

have you tried to turn your computer off and on again?

just joking. let me figure out whether I understood you right. you want the gravity to be turned off all time but when the tracer hits a wall you want a small gravity so youre sliding down the wall?

Yeah I tryed but the computer still works ;__;

jaja, well not exactly, I want make the sliding effect on my character when he is grabbed to the wall but without acceleration, just sliding all the time at the same speed. everything would be normal when he jump from the wall again

should he slide automatically or by pressing a button?
here 2 things you could try

turn graffiti off and set the velocity in the movementcomponent to (0, 0, 1)
turn graffiti off and set up a timer that loops a “add offset location” with a -1 value on the z axis. clear the timer when the tracer doesn’t hit (or how ever you want it to be stopped) and start it again when it does

It sounds like it might be easier to disable physics completely when you grab a wall and apply a constant velocity to the pawn. I’ve had bad luck trying to mess with getting the physics component to function in that way and it’s so easy to just disable it temporarily and use your own “physics”. The downside to this is if you need another aspect of the physics component while sliding down, though I’m not sure what that might be.

I would just add a small upward z force to your character when a wall is detected and you’re not on the ground. This way you’ll still fall, but at a controlled rate.

well I fixed every problem with the physics, you can see the current blueprint here


Now is close to what I’m looking for, the player must press the control to the same direction to the foward vector. the problem is still in the addforce metod to have the constant falling speed while he is grabbing the wall.

I tried with addforce to character movement but it doesnt’ do nothing :frowning: (the force for the slide is going to be after check the “GrabbingWall” is true)

And offcourse, thank for all your answers ^^