I need art for my visual nobell so I look towards assets from these engines...

Hello all!

I do my small game - visual novell. I cannot pay money for artists so I cannot find good art and one thought came on my mind. There are two very powerfull 3d engines. I plan to use them… as art source. Making scenes of nature, rooms, people. Well maybe it seems funny “using it for screenshots huh?”, but you must know how difficult to form team at enthusiasm… And those greedy artists… =) What can you advise? Here is UE forum, UE users. I am not very good coder and I don’t know what is the situation with assets now. I need some nature art - forests, sky, and regular modern city - streets, offices, tables, common objects. Of course I seek free possibilities… What can you advise? UE engine, or Unity? What do you think about such idea? Any possibility to generate characters?

There’s some free resources available, however you’re not going to find quite what you want for free and usually the quality of free assets are not so good

If you’re making a visual novel, i’d suggest using Renpy

Thanks, it probably will be on Renpy, but now I’m looking for an art, the art is a quite problem, I look towards any possibility to create it, maybe in 3D. And I think UE is very good with those landscape generators, etc, 3D pictures made in 3D engines are much better than many free art or made at enthusiasm… That’s my question. Assets for enigne that allow to create environment, maybe characters, objects of life, and further using at pictures. Well there are lots, I mean maybe some experienced designer can advise any free and good?

UE4 does not have the tools to do that, usually you bring in 3D assets from another program. The best 3D tool that’s free is Blender, that will require a lot of time to learn though, just like any other 3D program.