I need a starting point

Really new into coding and blueprint, I need a starting point to see how I could achieve this for a existing game as a mod. We have a usdk but not allow to add any C++ functionality.

I’ll try to be as clear as I can as I haven’t seen this in a multiplayer game since Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.
In the multiplayer you could look at a player press a key to ask for a duel request, he could either deny by not doing anything or press the same key and it would start the duel in an other “dimension” (it is the exact same area of the map (players are not teleported anywhere) and other players can not interact with them anymore).

If anyone has an idea where to start looking to do something like this, I would really appreciated it!

Hi man,

the hard part is get a working multiplayer
the rest is really simple,

1, obviously , know how to build a client-server multiplayer. replication and authority.
2, make interaction only with pawn not in duel,
so if you can attack or talk with other player, doing this event, check if the other pawn is not in a duel, you can do it with a simple variable.
3 edit or create your pawn, be sure to have your relation with other player depending on one variable, or two.
one to say you are dueling and so unreachable from others, and a target for your duel, the only pawn that can hit/ talk you.

4 Starting a duel mean, be unreachable from other players attack or talks, and fdefine another pawn like target for your action.
you can start the duel by any kind of things, say yes in a hud, jump in a ring…
once you accept the duel, you can move the 2 pawns where you want, or leave them where they are, but be untouchable from other.

Its always the same stuff.
Get reference to pawn and actors,
Make custom events and checking variables
Send info toward server and receive info by server,
reaplicate enemy stuff…