I need a little bit of help with finding a texture

Sorry if this is out of place as I have never even touched ue4 forums before.
I am new to ue4 and am looking for a free water texture to use that isn’t from the unreal starter pack. However, there are no good water textures I can find. They all are
A: Below 2K (Need high res)
B: Not even a water texture (Just a random picture of water. Seriously. In fact 75% of the water are literally just poorly taken pictures of water on an angle.)
C: Seamless (Unfortunately this isnt a perfect world where you can make a texture seamless at the click of a button without making it look bad. I wish it was that way)
D: Not a power of 2 or are in incredibly low quality jpg (What are they smoking?)

Did you checked any of example projects provided in Launcher?

There are few projects containing water examples - Water Planes, Water Materials, Particle Effects, Sun Temple.

Here you go.

You could also go for nvidias waveworks…

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: