I messed up my TD game somehow, what happened?

Hey guys, so basically… I followed a bunch of videos on how to make a tower defense game, i’ve never made anything before, new to unreal, i like it a lot, but i’m very inexperienced :frowning:
so… here’s starting from the beginning where I followed
I could’ve asked him instead on my issue, but he doesn’t seem very active, and idk, I thought there might be someone around here that knows why this is going on
I followed nearly every video with all the script, so that’s what i’m working with… I have a spawner, its end location, all that good stuff.
My towers seem okay for now, I can put them anywhere, but my problem is, after designing the level a little (removing all that grey template) and start to make it colorful, well, my spawner script won’t spawn any enemies… I was just going to change the meshes and all, but for some reason, I have a working correctly spawn code that isn’t doing anything…
my only theory is if it’s the static mesh flat cube i placed underneath, even without it i see no spawning tho, i mean idk… i can’t come up with a fix.
thanks a lot in advance :frowning: