I Messed up and need Help!

Hello everyone, so im pretty new to game developing, took it as a hobby since a few days and i am enjoying it… i had been following a tutorial series on youtube to get started, and created a basic 3D sidescroller game, however the tutorial didnt include weapon animations/or animations in general, and no enemy AI either. so i took the next series on the channel to create an RPG wich included those, i tried to apply the blueprints to my sidescroller game, did everything as in the video up until the 5th video. however now when i press Play, i play as the camera i think and the HUD and everything else i set up before doesnt work. this was the video i followed, at this point i just want to fix it either way, keeping the animations or just going back to my old sidescroller, any thoughts will be welcome, thank you.