I (maybe we?) want the Unreal Engine 3 Foliage Rendering back!

So it’s been like three months where I started with Unreal Engine 4. First impressions were like a child in those legolands - amazing, the whole world is twinklering and shining bright! So I tested out UDK (Unreal Engine 3) about a month till now, and blame on me, but some things are still better in UDK / UE3 than in UE4. So what I exactly mean is the foliage. I started with a blank map in UE3 and painted two different kinds of grass (those examplecontent grass from the FoilageMap) and my whole map (not big, medium). My density settings were for the first grass 100kuu² and for the second grass model 1000kuu² (those grasses have 152tris / 232verts till 1216tris / 1856verts) and it ran fluently on 60fps. If I try the same thing in UE4 (same map size and a grass model which has currently just around 16tris / 26verts) it laggs with 10fps around the whole map. Sure I can add culling, basically I’ve done that, but it still laggs. Probably you have to paint Foliage in UE4 another way to get good results with good performance, if so, can you tell me what to do? Otherwise, EPIC I want this UE3 Foliage Painting method thingy back!
Thanks for reading, and please answer what you think about that topic!

This has been discussed many times already. Epic is aware of foliage problems and they are working on shader and performance improvements. Check out Trello for more info on the process.

Closing this thread.