I made pong in UE4 and I need some help with the ball

In my game of pong the ball hits the goals like normal but it bounces off the goals, it still gives the point but it goes endless. Does anyone know how to destroy the ball as it collides with the goal and then spawns in the middle again?

Either with the ball blueprint or the goal blueprint, use a Hit event, check for valid, if it is then use DestroyActor node to destroy the ball. After that, either calling function from player controller or from the same blueprint, spawn another ball using SpawnActor node.

But that should work, why isn’t it working for you?

Try to make something like that…


Put that in your Ball Blueprint

Check out Creepy’s blueprint mate, it got pretty good quality.

And if it is possible, please provide more detail about what didn’t work? The ball wasn’t destroyed or the new ball wasn’t created?