I made a shell and I added it to UE4 ,but can't running!

It’s just a basic shell.But it can be attached to a lot of programs to run properly.Only after loading the UE4 development program will not run.
Is there any restriction on UE4? Can someone give me some Pointers? Thanks a million!

I found some other shells and always got an error:
Visit XXXX address conflict

what you mean by shell?

Is a DLL. Added to my UE4 product. Exe

I want to do a little bit of protection for.exe.Such as registration code, decompilation and so on.
Try to write their own shell and the network to find the shell.They’re all built into other programs, and they all work fine。
So, I’m a little confused。
Now I’m trying not to use shells。
Add validation code directly to my ue4 program in place。