I lost all my Game mode's on all my UE game...


so here is my big problem. I’m curently studying game design and coding in a school in France, and we creat a lot of games. We started working on UE mid 2018, and here I am know with a Jury in 2 weeks and a BIG prob. It’s the first time i’m having this issue and I don’t know what to do, I tried a lot of things already.

The problem is simple : I LOST all my Game Mode. On every one of my game, not just one, no all of them! The game mode blueprint is blank, have nothing, when I did a lot in each of them !

I’m curently working on a Top down game (for two month now…) and I can’t even open a new top down project to see what the blueprint look like ( top down exemple) bcs it’s not working either… Like i said I tried a lot of things already and I realy need a solution… what is going on with unreal ?

plz guys I need my game mode with everything in it back…