I know the choices, just not what to choose first?

Hello, to cut to the chase, I’ve been lurking for a while and trying to get a good idea on what my goal(s) is for now and i think i’m fairly clear on what i intend to do. At least on a basic level before things get intricate.
A few things I understand from reading others threads and questions, responses, etc. is that its usually best to begin with smaller games. I was apprehensive but I totally understand why now, now that I’ve been playing with the engine a bit more. Amongst a few other reasons.
That said, I’m trying to decide what to focus on first. I’m leaning towards learning about modeling and rigging, but I’m not having the best idea on where to start. I can only see me going for things that look high poly because I love detail, but I imagine there must be some middle ground since games should always aim for optimization so most can play it. On that note, I wanna learn more about modeling as a whole because I basically know nothing.
In an ideal situation, I would just make the game first then model last, but AFAIK that isn’t possible, and the closest thing I’ve seen to something like that is with Allright Rig which…isn’t done yet. And even then, I would have to work around that specific skeleton (if I’m understanding how that part works).

Then there’s the programming. I’m no programming expert, but I’m not completely wet behind the ears either. Like once i get a general handle on it, I think I’ll manage fairly fine. Well, decent at least. I assume the blueprints will help alleviate a lot of issues i would encounter, but I also presume there’s gonna be some drawbacks with that too. I guess my concern here is time.

Then of course theres all the other stuff, like the art (i guess i consider myself an artist but i’m still learning some stuff), the music (i haven’t even tackled this yet but im fairly confident in my ability to learn plus my extensive mental library being a music junkie across many genres), marketing/advertising (I guess that can happen much later but i’d ideally like to gain a following as I work, who knows) and the other things I’m forgetting about right now.

One idea I’ve had, and a large influence on why I made this thread is, if i focus on one thing like the modeling and stuff, I’d like to have transferable skills that i could use to either help another team and network, just general work to make some $$$, so on and so on. What advice could be given to me? Are there aspects I’m not thinking about/options I forgot? Personal or professional opinion would be welcome and appreciated.

(Also apologies if this wasn’t concise)

Make a weapon for UnrealTournament. That involves, modeling, rigging, and some programming. But, it’s a manageable size project and if it’s good you’ll get the satisfaction of people using it.

That actually sounds like a great idea. goes to download UT