I just added new class and trying to use in different module...

Hello, it has been a long time that I ask questions, but when I ask a question, it might be silly, but I am in serious trouble.

I created different modules (such as characters, Inventories, HUDs, Items and so on), and one of module (new class) trying to use

certain class in my main project module (I named it EnumHeader)

the problem is… that the class cannot find that certain class (EnumHeader), thus in that file, i included as “MyProject/Public/EnumHeader.h”

and now I face scary error that I don’t know how to figure for nearly a week

C1083 Cannot open include file: “EnumHeader.Generated.h”: No such file or directory

It is peculiar… because there is EnumHeader.h and I made sure I put EnumHeader.Generated.h

there has to be a way to use certain class from each different modules.


by the way I already checked MyProject.Build.cs file… and do I have to put EnumHeader as well?

i know i sounded vague… but anyone with C1083 error?:confused:

I got it! I just have to put my main project module (Project Name) inside my desired module’s Additional Dependency from .UProject file (opening with visual studio). sorry for silly mistake. But is it correct way?