I have an Imported character and Animation. What's the easiest way to make it chase me.

Hi there,
Newbie here. I’ve a character that I imported it with the animations and It’s working good but, how do I make it chase the player? I tried doing it just by duplicating the hero character and change a few things and it worked with the hero character but how can I do it with my custom character. Somehow I couldn’t find a video explaining it, all they use is the 3rd person template character.

Ok you need to do some things before you can use your custom character:

1)Make a new Anim BP. with right click and go in animations section and click on animation blueprint.Search the animation blueprint of the default character (in a 3rd person template it’s called ThirdPersonCharacterAnimBP or something like that) and copy everything from event graph and anim graph in your custom character animation BP.
Here we will set up a blendspace which is like an animation set where you insert all the animations you want and you can tell the BP when it should use one instead of another (in this case your custom character animations).

2)Now you need to make a 2d blendspace.Make a new BP with right click and go in animation section and select BlendSpace and then select your character. Now you should see something like this In the center there is a graph and on its right some settings. Put them like this:
X Axis Label: Speed (should be already here)
X Axis Range: 0 to your character max speed(put a value that sync with your animation)
X Axis Divisions:4
Remember to experiment a lot with them or you’ll never learn properly how they work!

Anyway now you need to put your animations in the graph you should see a list of them on the right.

After you do that go in your anim BP>>anim graph>>default state machine>>Idle/Run and replace the ThirdPersonIdleRun2d with the blendspace you made.

After this open the BP character that you made with hero and select mesh (in the left corner) now on the right you should see all the settings and you just need to change skeletal mesh with your character one and change animation BP class with the anim BP you made.

And it’s all I hope you understand everything, if you don’t just ask or search for some videos like this: or this:

Thanks a lot for taking time to help. I’ve went through all what you’ve mentioned like 3 times and always the character slides while the idle works fine. I tried again but with the main character and it works like a charm but with the enemy it just doesn’t work I’ve used other characters and always results a problem :slight_smile: I hope if you can help me further if you have skype, it’s already keeping me 5 days late of the plan. I appreciate your time!