I have a Question about GameMode

i read about GameMode in Unreal doucument

(URL : 게임 모드와 게임 스테이트 | 언리얼 엔진 문서)

and i remembered that i used Function call “InitGameState” and “HandleMatchIsWatingToStart” for get some actor and for doing something.

i debuged my project as makeing breakpoint at “InitGameState” and “HandleMatchIsWatingToStart”.


i embarrassed…

because, in Unreal Document “EnteringMap” was explained "Not Actor Tick, Not Init World yet"

BUT, when i Debuged at “InitGameState”, GameMode’s MatchState was “EnteringMap” and World is exist by Function Call GetWorld()!!

at HandleMatchIsWatingToStart call, GameMode’s MatchState was changed to “WatingToStart”.

Unreal Document is not correct?

What was problem???