I have a few Questions about UE4, I Need Enlightenment :)

Hi, I come from using cryengine and am looking at UE4 which seems amazing. Just a few questions…

Do we have access to the source code after cancellation? From the link below someone answers this question but I am curious as to if you cancel will you still be able to use Source Code? edit Answered

Does UE4 have a LOD Generator like Cryengine? edit: Answered

How big can you make maps for multiplayer? The link below talks about singleplayer more or less, which is great. But what I am generally thinking is if you have a multiplayer game, would you be able to use the source code from UE4 to create “limitless maps”, while still obviously following careful planning of course. :slight_smile:

edit: Only one question to go. :slight_smile:

Nope, unfortunately not.

Thanks Fighter. Thats one down, two to go. :slight_smile:

Use Autodesk Pinocchio for generating free characters with three LOD levels, (or create them yourself in 3ds Max or Maya) it takes about an hour.

They’ve closed the project on Autodesk labs, so you’ll have to wait for Autodesk Character Generator

Lod’s doesnt take so long, you just have to use modifiers like the pro optimiser (3d max) or the decimate (blender) -> after that you can adjust some stuff and then you are finished :slight_smile:

Yeah I know about creating them, its just time consuming. I will also check out Pinocchio; thanks Lex.

Ty for info.

You will be able to use the source code forever, yes. :slight_smile: You won’t receive future updates to the source code, but you’re free to continue using the code you downloaded during your subscription period forever.

Thanks so much for your information, that is one of the big questions we had. Just one more to go. :slight_smile:

Several people are asking how big you can make a map. I don’t think there is a clear answer in that. It depends. It’s going to be different for each game depending on how well you set it up. For larger maps you are probably going to want to stream in parts and with that there then really isn’t size limit.

Just try it out and experiment.