I have a cave entrance but it's way too light inside

I have this cave i am trying to build but to save on performance I made a dead-end entrance with a teleporter into my acual cave. But my problem is that there isn’t enough shading and we clearly see its a deadend.

Hello thek_games

As i understand you have dead and and there is not enough light for we can understand its closed, right?

There is ways to solve that.

+You can try to adjust your post settings (Brightness and contrast)

+Put another light with enough radius but disable shadow casting and set it with same color like your main light source, and decrease the intensity like its coming from outside to inside with fading.

+Put another directional light source and disable shadow casting and try to adjust color and intensity with your scene.

Hope this helps, thank you.

Thanks, I tried putting an other light and it worked like a charm

Try making the Directional Light a different Direction or make it weaker