I have 4 levels and widgets on each level but when i start from the first level and advance to the next levels the widgets dont work how do i fix this?

I have a level that just has a start menu on it, then when you press start it goes to the next level, on that level when you die another widget comes up where you can hit try again this works correctly. when you complete this level you then get another widget that comes up with a button that says next level, when you click it it doesnt go to the next level. But this button will work if i start the game on that level, but when i start it from the start menu screen it wont work.

The widgets will only work when i start the game on the specific level that the widgets are on.

It seems really complicated and i hope someone can understand what i am talking about.

im sorry i figured out the problem. I just close Unreal and opened it back up and it worked.

Can you show your blueprints?