I got a virus , How can i back up projects?

Hi , i have got a virus that damaged the exe files , for the projects, assets, materials and textures … is there any way to back up my work or not ?

thank you

Always a pain when something like this happens. Sorry to hear that. You could back up your project files simply by coping them, maybe except the exe file/s or you could export your work from the engine, remove the virus from your computer and then re import your assets. To easily find your project in explorer simply click on any asset/blueprint in the content browser and select option “Show in Explorer”.
You can do that by selecting one or more assets, then r-click → asset action → export/bulk export. It should keep your folder structure when exporting, it did for me just now when I tried this out.

You need to get yourself some protection to avoid this in the future. Make regular backups of your work, especially when you finish a major feature. Don’t want to loose time re-creating everything from scratch.

Good luck, stay safe.

Thank you, i’ll give more attention about that in the future.
Should i make a copy from the whole project regularly ? , or you mean a copy from assets, textures …etc ?

It’s all up to you. I can tell you what I do. I basically make a backup every day or when I complete a major feature. Say I’m following a tutorial and it took me couple hours to get it working, so then I compile and save everything, close down the engine and copy the whole project on to my flash drive. I put them in directories with date and/or feature completed. If you made some nice assets and you don’t want to loose them you can always upload them somewhere and don’t make them public to anyone or package say into .rar and set a password on it.
It can be a pain at first but after a while it will become a habit, a good one.

When you’re running low on space you can clear the old project files (say from a month ago) and keep you valuable project files safe.

i really don’t know what to say, Thank you so much , for your effort and advises, i’ll do all of them
May be i will start all my work from scratch unfortunately, but your advises were so valuable for me,

Thank You <3

You’re welcome. Always happy to help and share what I know or learned the hard way.