I get "(max tick rate 0)" when I play with 'dedicated server' checked and everything lags now

Everything was working fine a few days ago. Now all my projects using Unreal Engine 4.22 lag/rubberband when playing when ‘dedicated server’ is checked. I have tried on other computers the same projects and when ran on other computers i get ‘max tick rate 60’ and they feel and perform fine.

It happens on all projects even marketplace or blank projects. I have tried deleting/uninstalling UE and epic games completely but still having the issue.

Any suggestions on why “LogLoad: Game class is ‘FlyingGameMode_C’
LogWorld: Bringing World /Game/FlyingBP/Maps/UEDPIE_1_FlyingExampleMap.FlyingExampleMap up for play (max tick rate 0) at 2019.11.06-15.10.41” is happening for me whenever I run dedicated server?

I dont see anywhere to set a server tick and I didnt make any changes.

When I start to lag I will get this error in the logs:
“LogNetPlayerMovement: Warning: CreateSavedMove: Hit limit of 96 saved moves (timing out or very bad ping?)”