I found that my landscape and most of foliage where deleted.

I accidentally deleted my landscape, don’t remember doing it. But when I reopened my project it wasn’t there. Could anyone tell me if there is a way to retrieve it.

I thought I must have made a mistake(deleted my landscape then saved with out seeing I had) but I also deleted most of my foliage but not all. If there is a way to delete large parts of foliage without even messing with foliage please tell me.

I have managed to solve this by taking a landscape from a previous version though it doesn’t work perfectly. However I also discovered that most of my foliage was deleted, that is strange because I wasn’t working on either of those things when they must have been deleted.

I had this happen to me a couple of times after rebuilding lighting in the editor, I found the whole landscape had vanished and all I saw was just the skybox.
When it happens you stop everything you’re doing and hit UNDO and UNDO and UNDO (because the engine has got several levels of UNDO) and then it should
bring the missing land back by retracing back your steps you took in the editor (HANDY)… But if you shut the editor all down and there been no auto
save, you may have to put the assets manually back on it again or load from a previous last save. I don’t think there’s much you can do for the large
parts of foliage except to manually replace it.

I wasn’t doing lighting rebuild also I noticed that some of the AI I had had stopped working.