I follow this tutorial about making endles run game but it's seem not working anymore?

i follow this tutorial

im stuck in making “add more floortile”, no more floor when i reach “forloop last index = 9”, please help…

im ignore the error. "cast to “myproject”, the error say “Warning ‘ReturnValue’ is already a ‘Myproject’, you don’t need Cast To Myproject .”

im using 4.9.2 UE4


I think you missed something, because all works normally with or without Cast To node. You can delete Cast To BP_FloorTile node and connect Get Attach Transform to Spawn Actor from Class directly.

its also work for mobile platform?? im making endless game for my andorid project

Problem solve, im forget to “cast to RunCharakter”…thanks

Hi Chosentwo, I’m trying to create this project for Android , but I have a problem in setting the turncorner mobile . you happen to have solved ?
I’m sorry for my english, i’m italian.