I feel that My visual field was pulled right a little in HTCVive with project Ocean Floor Enviroment


Above is the project I used. I want to make a VR game with ocean floor environment. The hardware is HTC Vive 1.

So, I bought that and put it in a void 4.14 UE project, and a void 4.12 UE project also.

And then, run it with VR preview.

But what I see in Vive was jumbled. It seems like that, what I should see was dragged right a bit.

Traditionally, what I want to see should like this. As follows:

The black circle is what I see in my left eye. The red circle is what I see in my right eye. And the blues are my eyes.

But what I saw likes this. As follows: I feel my eyes are dragged left. Or the graph is dragged right.

So, what I see in my right eye likes this, as follows:

So, what should I do to make it better?

Instead of creating another thread about your issue, you should either stick to the first one or contact the seller directly. By looking at the comments on the asset page, the artist behind the package clearly says it hasn’t been tested with VR. Surely your issue has something to do with post process blendables.

I have emailed the artist and put a comment on the asset page. And hasn’t received a reply yet. So I wondered that does someone else has similar problem or not.

I saw the scene in Vive again and again. Now, I think it is not be pulled right. It is zoomed in. And the left bottom corner is aligned. So, my left eye saw a scene zoomed in. And my right eye saw a part of scene which should be seen by my left eye only.

The scene and my eyes’ position as above picture.

I think the artist made some changes to make us like a person with high myopia to see the world in that project.

So, it should work to change these settings.