I feel like the only reason i'm using Grids in blueprints - is because...

because if someone who uses Grids viewed my blueprints, it would be a “mess” for them.

Really grids make me a slave to them… im always forced to place the nodes in specific orders regardless of whether it would be the absolute best position…

Its SO MUCH CLEANER without grids AKA: much easier.

Its so much easier for a new eye to understand the process when grids aren’t making everything a jungle…

So i ask you, is there a problem if i stop using grids? Considering that really nobody doesn’t use them as far as i’ve seen.

Say i sold a project in which i didn’t place the blueprint nodes in the order that i currently do… would that be a problem? Even if all of the nodes aren’t in order?

I dont know about you, but i really considering to stop using Grids… but i’m just afraid of making a mistake.


What about a toggle button** that hides the grids so that i can place my nodes easily and do the thinking fast, instead of having all my thinking given to where to place the nodes…

Plus whenever i want to show a process to a new eye, it would be really nice to be able to press 1 button and hide the grids.

In that case… i would still use grids, and wouldn’t really cause as much problems as before.

What do you think?

I don’t use grid snapping or the grid view at all, works for me. :cool:
Probably not for everyone, but that + straight node lines makes me not care about lining up everything all of the time and it’s still easy to read.

I turned off the grid, and set snapping to half the size it has by default. Makes all the wires align :smiley:

@sdjgghj](User Profile - Unreal Engine Forums) Can’t use grids? Don’t use them. Who cares.
I love grids, those let me organize the nodes. Not like those spaghetti monsters.
Routing nodes however need some love, it’s hard to move them.

There’s a hotkey for grid toggle, but seems it’s broken.