I don't know how to start making a game

Hi ,I’m new here!
I just installed the epic games launcher and have already installed the new version (4.11.2) .But i have no idea how to start making a game. There were some answers that said that you should push the launcher button , but unfortunately I don’t know where the button is… Please help me!

Hello Caterina!

Don’t worry, no one else knew how to start either, when they started!

Probably one of the first things to do, is to download a few of the free projects from Epic. This will get some “games” installed onto your machine, so you can take a look at something already built. Like the Shooter game, or the Vehicle Game. In the launcher, click on “Learn” and scroll down, they are both there. There is a whole lot of content you can download, to get started.

Also note on that when you click Learn there are a lot of resources there as well as documentation to browse through.

But everything starts with the Launcher, which you said that you had installed, and i’m sure you have, as you have installed 4.11.2. So you should be good to go, to download some projects, and start to take a look at them.

Hope this helps,


Hi Caterina,

The best thing for you to do is look up the video tutorials on UE4 beginners. Once you get into the UE4 Editor you will have even more questions than you have now. So it will be good for you to watch someone else use the Engine and following along with them. Here are a few tutorials to get you started:

Dont worry if the tutorials is not for the “type of game” that you might want to create right now. They will all help you get started with using the Engine, and it will be a little less frustrating.

Good Luck.
Welcome to UE4

Thanks Jayice!

I really appreciate your support!

I tried downloading a few of the projects ,as you said, and I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. I also clicked through the site and I think I found the launcher button!

Thanks again for the advice and I hope you can help me again when I’m stuck, and in exchange I help your problems…though, I bet me being able to help you is a long way off.

Anyway thankx,

There really isn’t a “launcher” button, except for the “button” to start the UE4 Launcher with. Once the Launcher is up and running, your good to go.

Holler anytime, there is always someone around, to answer questions!


Thanks !

It’s a fact that I have more questions once I watched the videos (sigh)
So as recommended I decided to watch someone use the engine. It’s really FASCINATING ! As you said even though most of them aren’t the type of games I want to make, they help me a lot!

Thanks a lot, and thanks for the welcome #^^#

Jayice ,

Now that you mention it…I guess it isn’t called a “launcher button”. If memory serves me right , I guess the button said something like , “start a new project”.

Peculiarly … I actually Like the sound “launcher button”, a bit strange… Though in my defense, “It just sounds right.”(laugh)

And as you said ,I’ll be ready to “holler anytime”!

the way im learning is writing a list of things i want to learn about then expanding my knowledge as needed which means u get something out of it a game and u learn as u play look at youtube and the learn section on this website and then get stuck into it if you get lost or confused ask google or ask on here people will often help you as best as they can :slight_smile:

And start with a small game! Don’t aim too high or you will be disappointed. Make a checkers a simple walk and shoot game or such and work your way up from there

Thanks Wallenstein,

I’ll heed your advice in mind! I don’t want to become discouraged after all^^

Thanks again!

Johnfg12 ,

As you suggested, I’ll try to learn as I play , (which I’ll probably enjoy very much)

Getting the answers are the easy part!(though mastering them aren’t(sigh)). By looking at the comments other players left on my question , (unless the question is too difficult) , I won’t have a hard time getting answers.

Thanks a million !