I despise Event Dispatchers with every ounce of my being. I want to kill them with fire

I really don’t understand why BP communication is so easy in some regards but so downright ridiculous and convoluted in others.

So I guess the only way to possibly call an event in a random actor BP, from a widget BP, is to use an event dispatcher, well I have followed all of the tutorials many, many times and after 6 months or longer I have yet to get an event dispatcher to work.

All I wish to do is very simple (Or in all honesty should be much, muuuuch muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch simpler)

In a widget blueprint, I wish to call an event dispatcher to call events I have bound to it in a random actor BP

Can someone please explain to me what in the hell I am doing wrong?

This is the widget BP I created the event dispatcher in

This is in the actor bp Im trying to call an event in, I have created the widget that is calling the dispatcher and bound an event to the dispatcher

Any thoughts? :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks in advance

Did you add your widget to your screen?

Does your “Spawn Ghost” branch ever get executed?

I did try adding it to my screen, right before I bound the event, but for some reason it starts adding it 60 times a second like the event begin play was a tick event or something, even when I add a do once.

Really frustrating stuff m8.

Ya so not only does adding it not work but it adds it a million times for no reason whatsoever . And yes the branch is definitely getting executed.

Why are you creating the widget in the ghost building BP? If you’ve got 60 of those in the level you will create 60 widgets. It’s better to put the widget in something you know exists once like the game instance, or player controller.

You can still have the binding where it is though.