I decided to try C++

The first question is, why there are no c++ class files inside the content folder?
I opened a tps template, and expected some files to have logical location like in unity. I mean, unity is ****, but this seems logical.
Instead of what I have expected, I got 20000 “source files to parse”.
I can’t even see connection between files like in UE. Can we just get rid of visual studio, why do we have to code inside it? Seems like blueprints are native to Unreal, and c++ is not?
Also, the c++ project is more of a “blueprint + a bit of c++” project.
The ceiling light, wallsconce are blueprints. There are no examples on how do it in c++.
Well, I am not a fan of outdated programming aka coding, neither I am a fan of some GUIless apps or OSes. So no a big deal, blueprints are the future

C++ files are located under /Source and the compiled binaries under /Binaries.
This makes sense, as C++ files are considered source files that need to be compiled into binaries.
Hence, /Source & /Binaries.

/Content is for assets and assets related files, i.e. Blueprints.

Code can be written in any text editor, as long the resulting files are in the correct format as to be interpreted by a C++ compiler.
Visual Studios just happens to be the compiler of choice for Windows based compiling of UE4.

C++ is definitely the native language, as there are no Blueprint system without the underlying C++.

Further to what Kris wrote: you don’t use the editor to create C++ files, you use C++ to create functionality inside your game and inside the editor. So for example if you want to make a C++ game in UE you’d be writing C++ code for custom blueprints, then using those blueprints inside the editor to instantiate your C++ objects and do high-level gameplay logic. You can take this a step further and implement your high level logic in C++ as well but this becomes counter-productive as your project grows, rebuilding after every tiny change.

Ultimately you do end up in the editor since this is the only way to set up content, so it’s worth thinking about how quick you want your development cycle to be. Putting too much in C++ is inefficient and irritating.

Hopefully I can delete this post. Just checking if I can do anything as it’s not letting me make a new post for my issue.

Depends on what you are comfortable with. We have shipped 3 Unreal engine products with as minimal use of blueprints as possible. Basically just for materials and UI.

The main bonus to C++ is you can diff everything. Not sure if there is an easy way to diff blueprints?

Whats the point of c++ then? Showing off? CPU performance is not an issue nowadays, and nativixation

Blueprints are the only programming tool of the engine available within engine. If you want to use c++, you need a separate application for that. So c++ is a stranger. And blueprints are native.

It terms of programming, that is not how it works.
The Blueprints Visual Scripting is just that - a scripting system.
Scripts need to be parsed by an interpreter for them to work.
You can generally consider what ever interpreter is written in to be ‘native’ language.
In the case of UE4, that something is C++.

Don’t take my word for it:

From Blueprints Technical Guide:

From Nativizing Blueprints:

There is also google :slight_smile:

Also, no, CPU performance is definitely still an issue these days.
As is memory constraints.

Remember, not all games are developed with members of the PC Master Race as their main target - you also have the console and mobile market to consider :stuck_out_tongue:

…not only that but game designers often try to cram too many features into one game that hog all the resources of even mid- to high-end PC’s.

So who are the game designers? I dont want to think that they are just rich idea guys. I am an ex idea guy myself, and people like me were slammed and laughed on a lot
I want to think that game designer is a software engineer that gets his pay and recognition for a reason.
I think he is a proper software systems designer, that creates uml models and sets relationships between classes. That also has a degree in management.
And can write actual code for prototyping. Otherwise, just no, i wont accept someone being a game designer wiyhout that

Game designers are paid to think outside the box, and software engineers are paid to solve the problems in the best way possible. It is two different mindsets. Obviously good game designers know the limitations from experience but they have to keep pushing those limits for the sake of innovation and engineers have to also think outside the box to find new solutions.

Well I am a great game designer. A lot of people are. No one is paid for that. Thinking out of the box doesnt require a degree or skills.
What about some kojima. Idea guy without ideas. Ironic. His games are extremely PRed **** like iphones. Is that the most famous idea guy, seriously?

Any schoolboys fantasy is 100x times better than anything he will ever do. He just got connections, money and pr. He appeared in the right time at the right place. He doesnt have even a slightest talent
Why do you protect that abuse, those worthless people who get all the fame and do nothing while people like us who are 10 times smarter and better get paid less and get no recognition?

No, software engineer is not some “guy without fantasy who is not good enough”. Software engineers are of the smartest and talented people in the world who can learn anything regular person does 10 times faster. They write books, poems, music, make 3d models, movies, paintings, speak a lot of human languages. It’s not a “mindset”, it’s about amount of brains you have.
Almost no occupation can compare to programming. Law, economics, musicians, artists are mainsteam joke professions. 60% of high school class are unemployed lawyers who work as taxi drivers.
Programmers combine extreme amount of technical skills with creativity, and move the technology, the world forward. Even in daily life - we can automate every process. Bots for dating sites, making robots for our homes. Physics is a joke for us as well, I find it extremely easy as it’s not abstract.
Go find any person with such amount of knowledge as programmers have. A lot of people in the world can’t even speak 2 languages or perform basic math operations.

Performance is always an issue. Even nativized blueprints don’t compile to the kind of C++ we’d usually write, so there’s still going to be instances where you’d want to do your own thing.

yes, literally a lot of people are paid for that. game designer is a job in the game industry, and yes people get paid.
do you know what a game design doc is? it’s a document with hundreds or thousands of pages describing how each and every detail of a game should work.
someone has to come up with those things, don’t you think?

Those paid people do other managerial or dev work. Nobody is paid for being a solely “idea guy”, unless said person also owns the company.

That’s not correct. Not only consoles and mobile devices but low spec PCs as well.

-Mobiles are trash that give no income(unless it’s some free microtranzation or some rip off)
With millions of apps and audience of kids, you will never benefit. And your app will never be seen in trashdymps like google play.
-Consoles are not applicable to 99.99999% of developers
-Low specs do not buy games. They are not players/have funds.

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