I created a c++ class.However,when i compile,i can not find it in the class viewer

I use UE4 4.5.1. When i create c++ class i don’t see it anywhere besides vs.
I don’t understand where the root of this problem

Update the engine (seriously, 4.5.1).
Did the editor say ‘compile successful’?

Maybe you have activated a filter for the Class Viewer such as “Actors Only” :wink:

You should see it in the Class Viewer, if it’s not there, you may have activated a filter, like “Actors Only” :wink:

I had this exact same problem and haven’t been able to test the solution but apparently if you don’t include UCLASS() and GENERATED_BODY() or GENERATED_UCLASS_BODY(), the file won’t be visible in the editor. If you search UCLASS() it’ll take you to a page showing an example