I can't start the project

Hi all.
In my class the lines #include “ClassName.genetated.h” and GENERATED_BODY() was highlighted in red. Later the project stopping running. I already had this problem before, I deleted files: Binaries, .vs, Build, Indtermediate, I builded visual studio files and the project launched. But it didn’t help me now. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. The is a popular problem, I am sure, that many developers haved them. Help me somebody, please! I will be very grateful!

Don’t worry about the red underlines. Only worry about errors you receive in the Output window. You probably have an error in your code somewhere, that’s why you can’t start the editor. Try launching the project through Visual Studio, that way you’ll see what the error is.

You got to share the error messages you get if you want specific advice.