I can't start a project with FirstPersonCharacter pawn

Well, I just started an empty project, migrate the FisrtPersonCharacter to it, create a GameMode and select the FirstPersonCharacter as default pawn and that’s it. It appeared as the default character.

But, I recently bought a project from UE4Archviz where I can’t start with the FirstPersonCharacter even I set it as default pawn in my new GameMode called MyGameMode (I did exactly as I mentioned in the last sentence). What am I missing??

Still having the problem, does any body know a tutorial or maybe a suggestion?


You could check the level blueprint and the outliner if there is a levelsequence or something else running.

I don’t know what happened, if I make a new project (that is a copy) I can do it. But specifically with the other project I have problem haha… Well I can’t identify what the problem is but I just copy the project and could it solve it