I can't reference matinee actors

In theory it sounds simple, you just select it in the world outliner and then right click on the blueprint and hit reference matinee actor, but when I go to right click, it just isn’t there. Reference matinee actor just isn’t there… does anyone have any idea why this could happen?

You trying to reference it in the world BP? Because you have to do more steps if your trying to reference in a separate BP.

I was trying to reference it in a seperate bp, what are the extra steps?

Great, now I will never know as well… -_- I created a Matinee through the big button on the top taskbar, moved a custom movable platform actor (mesh + trigger box) and cannot play it on collision. Been trying this whole morning, close to giving up. I just want the actor to start moving with the matinee when the player steps on it. Guess I should use position changing blueprint instead…