I can't package any project

Hi I have a problem with packaging my project

  1. I build it after package and no error appeared
  2. .I packaged for windows it says package complete instantly
  3. but any file packaged at all so i tryed deleting Saved, Internediate, DerivedDataCache folder and package again but it was the same.
  4. Then I saw the Output log and it said" LogUObjectHash: Compacting FUObjectHashTables data took " it seems that something is blocking it.
  5. I’d tryed it on the thirdperson project that UE4 provides and package completed instantly like before.
  6. I reinstalled visual studio and unreal engine but it was the same.
  7. I tryed two friends PCs but it packaged normaly

please help me to package my project at least any project T_T