I can't move my meshes!

I can’t move my meshes and there are two kind of weird ropes on the bottom of myh map. I am new to UE4 so sorry if I sound nooby. Watch this video I have recorded about my situation: .

Thank you in Advance!

i have no idea what option you enabled to show thelines on the axis but why do you have snapping set to 10,000 thats a bit much and may be a part of your problem.

Where would the snapping option be located?

if you look at the scene editor window its near the top right where it says 10,000. thats the number your meshes will be snapping to, that is to say if its set to 100 then if you try to move a mesh it moves in increments of 100uu, in your case its attempting to move at increments of 10k so if you dont try to move it that far then it wont move.

A bit late here but I recently experienced this and it must be some bug because I never changed my snapping to 10,000 but there it was…