I can't login to AnswerHub

Im facing the same error as the other ones (cant login to anwerhub).
Can you fix my account too?

btw. why are you not fixing all UE accounts when so many people have this issue?

Your account is now fixed.

Believe me, I wish we could. Our web vendor for the Answerhub software is working on resolving the issue (it only occurs for a small percentage of Answerhub accounts). In the meantime, we can fix it on a case-by-case basis.

Hi Stephen, I also am getting this problem now. Can I get some help?

Your account is now fixed.

Hi Stephen,

I also get this problem all the time. Please help to fix.

Your account is now fixed.

Hi Stephen,

Unfortunately I also get the exact same issue for the answerhub. Please can this be fixed for me.

Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. But your issue is now resolved.

I believe I might be having this same issue. Have not been able to find any other info or thread about it.

I actually don’t see any issue for you on the backend. By all appearances you should be able to log in on https://answers.unrealengine.com/.

For anyone frustrated just trying to follow or read AH posts and not post anything.
You can still use Answerhub to read posts, as AH isn’t really behind a ‘login wall’.
Just open Answerhub links with Cookies off + Javascript off -> Login is bypassed.

Hi, I hope it is okay to continue replying here. I would like to post a question regarding Niagara Scratch Pad Module to the AnswerHub, but always received the error message “There was an error contacting the remote service” same as the previous posters.
Id appreciate the help in fixing this. Thanks.

I have the same issue, I can’t login.

@dgunamardi & @neelkoos

I have been able to resolve the issues that were blocking your Answerhub login.


It’s working now, thank you for the help.

Hi there, I am unable to access the unreal Answerhub website either by logging in through my epic account or in incognito tab.
I get the HTTP 403 Forbidden error.
I have tried clearing out the cookies on the browser too.

me too

Hello, I face the same issue and can’t t login.
How can I solve it Please ?


The UE Answerhub website is now in READ-ONLY mode as we migrate away from the Answerhub platform and over to these forums in the new Q&A section.

More information is available here: Answerhub-migrating-to-the-Unreal-Engine-forums

There is no longer a need to investigate/resolve account issues that occurred on the Answerhub platform, and this topic is being closed.