I cant install ue4

I connect github account to EpicGames Accaount but i dont see Ue4 on GitHub

If you’re new to unreal and programming, just use the Unreal Launcher. This is the easiest way to get the engine.

Getting started

Building the engine from source code is possible, but a bit more work, and unnecessary if you’re completely new to Unreal. But if you’re simply having trouble locating it, here’s a page documenting the steps:

Steps for downloading source

I cant use Unreal Launcher on manjaro

There is a Linux tab at the bottom of the “Steps for downloading source”. Try following that. I can’t help you since I don’t use linux. And I’m pretty sure many Linux distributions aren’t supported.


Try from this page: link text

The source code page works fine for me as long as I’m logged into my Github account.