I can't find the component for my actor class inside the components tab, I'm a noob so pls help!!

So basically I can’t find my actor component in the components tab inside of my player blueprint. What I mean by this is this:

I am trying to make a health system for my main character. The actor class that has all of my health systems and player stats is called “Playerstats”. When I click on the + sign and try adding that component, it doesn’t appear on the list. Please help, I have already confirmed that the Playerstats class is a actor class.

Hi Bosskiller10121,

Your Playerstats should be Subclassed off of ActorComponent not Actor - that list (and +) are to add components rather than actors.

Thank you so much!! Just one question, can I switch the current class from actor to actor component and how.

np. You can reparent blueprints in the Blueprint Editor (File menu, Reparent) - but not from an Actor to a Component or visa versa I’m afraid.

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