I cannot for the life of me find where the array contents are listed for "Camera Blueprints" array variable in the Blueprints learning example. Is it bugged?

The documentation is here Blueprints | Unreal Engine Documentation

In the documentation for the button portion of the example they even have a picture of the array elements being listed
but I cannot see this anywhere. I see the “Camera Blueprints” array variable in both the Security Monitor BP and the Security Screen Button BP, neither of which seem to have a setter of the array or any where to see what the array is composed of. The functionality seems to be working fine when I play the map and start using the monitor button; it flips through the three cameras.

So this is a bug right, or am I missing something? Maybe it worked on older versions and now it doesn’t display in the editor correctly? Can someone test this and see if it is the same for you?

Please help, this is driving me mad.

BTW, this example is found in the learn tab in the launcher then scroll down a bit:

That variable is set to “instance editable”, so it is probably selected in the actor details panel in the level.

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As NotSoAccurateNo1 stated, it’s defined per instance of the blueprint, if you right click the blueprint from the content browser select “Asset Actions” > “Select Actors Using This Asset”.
If you click on one of those instances you will see the cameras defined in your example.


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